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About Us

About us

Our Assisted Living Residences
Our Assisted Living residence and activities are designed to accommodate many individuals' lifestyles and needs. We offer deluxe private and semi-private rooms with full private baths, studio apartments, and one-bedroom apartments.  We have been serving the Dunbar community for over  20 years. Our unique services allow residents to be comfortable with our staff. We strive to make you feel at home in your new environment. The staff at SweetBriar has been fully trained, licensed, and undergone criminal background checks and pre-employment and random drug screening. We make every attempt to ensure the safety, care, and comfort of all of our residents. Please call, email us, or stop by for more information!

We Believe in Quality Care

One of the nicest things about SweetBriar is that it is not a chain of unknown faces. SweetBriar is locally owned and managed and has a board of members with unique talents to contribute to our company.


Board Members include:

 Kent Gandee, Architect
Chet Bradeen, Health Planner and Developer
Joe Caldwell, Attorney
Charles W. Caldwell, Health Planner and Developer
Benjamin Caldwell, Educator
Robert Hively, M.D., Family Physician

Contact: board@sweetbriarassistedliving.com

"What makes SweetBriar such a great place to work is that it is not controlled by a management company. Our owners know the staff. As SweetBriar's Administrator, I report to the Board/Owners. This group of individuals care about the community and the residents of our fine home. They understand that Quality Care and our residents are the most important things. They are what makes SweetBriar a home. One of the nicest compliments that I receive when our home is toured is that it is not cold,;that when you walk through the door you feel the warmth and love for our residents"      -Rhonda McDonald, Administrator 
Feel free to email me at administrator@sweetbriarassistedliving.com

Give us a call today or stop in for a tour
505 Caldwell Lane  Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone: (304) 744-7400

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